Understanding Roofing Challenges

Quick Roofing Fixes To Prevent Further Damage While Waiting For The Roofing Contractor

Most roofing issues should only be fixed up by professional roofing contractors. This doesn't mean that you have to wait for the roofer to arrive before doing anything if your roof has suffered some damage. There are emergency measures or quick fixes that will minimize the damage before the professional arrives. Here are some examples of these quick fixes:

Plug Water Leaks

Fix any water leak as soon as it occurs. This is because leak will not only affect your roof but also your house contents. It is not far-fetched to think of a roof leak causing an electrical fire when the water touches an electrical wire.

Here are some tips for minimizing the damage while waiting for the contractor:

  • Use roofing tar or cement to patch up the hole responsible for the damage
  • Use a tarp or thick sheet of plastic to cover the torn part of the roof if the damage is extensive (tar or cement only works on tiny holes), you can weigh it down with sandbag or bricks
  • Use duct tape to cover up a tear on the roof

Straighten Curling Shingles

Curling shingles risk loosening or cracking; this can expose your roof to further damage including leaks. The long-term fix is to replace such shingles. In the meantime, however, you can prevent further damage by heating up the shingles and then glue them down with cement. A heat gun can do the heating very well.

Deal With Loose Shingles        

Loose shingles, which your roof may experience after a storm, also need to be fixed before they can let water and pests into the roof. Get yourself a hammer, shingle nails, and some cement for a temporary fix of the issue. Slide the loose shingles under the edge of the row above them, nail them down, and then use the cement to cover the nails. Just do enough to keep the shingles in place; the professional roofer will take care of the rest.

Take Care of Damaged Flashing

Flashing serves two main purposes; they protect the joints (vulnerable parts of the roof) from damage and also protect the roof from water damage. Therefore, if a flashing gets damaged, maybe bent out of shape after a tree branch falls on the roof, you need to fix it temporarily while waiting for the roofer. This is as easy as twisting the flashing material into place and then holding it into place with duct tape.

Hopefully, you have the tools and materials to execute these temporary repairs while waiting for the roofing contractor. It is the best way to minimize the damage and even reduce the cost of the permanent repair. For more information, contact companies like All Weather Exteriors.